Wednesday, November 22, 2017

River Restoration meeting held in Baku

     The Kura II project international expert on River Ecological Restoration Mr. Andrea Goltara and Database management expert Mr. Andrea Nardini visited Azerbaijan and Georgia during November 2017. The Kura II PCU had organized River Restoration workshop on November 13 at the Kura II IWRM Training Center with participation of local and international experts.

      The Kura II international expert on River Ecological Restoration Mr. Andrea Goltara made a fascinating presentation on the concept of river restoration with examples of best practices taken from both global and European experiences.

       Local experts shared their comments during Mr. Goltara’s presentation. The local expert Mr. Rashail Ismayilov started his presentation about River Restoration and selected places for river restoration in Azerbaijan within the Kura river basin after Mr. Goltara’s. He talked about the lack of research in the country in this field and also presented some practices from other countries’ experience with visual resources giving the overview on the goals, objectives as well as general concept of river restoration and how it can be implemented.

      Participants of the workshop posed a lot of questions going to the details of river restoration, and the topic led to very interactive discussions among local experts. As it was planned to start a field trip to the regions in Azerbaijan and then in Georgia across the Kura river basin it was also discussed opportunities of visiting potential sites which can be considered as areas for conducting demonstration projects in near future.

       The international expert shared his recommendations regarding the criteria for selection of potential sites explaining the reasons why river restoration is basically implemented in various river basins, and what are usually final achievement of this type of project.  

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Project Advisory Group meeting held in Azerbaijan

       The Project Advisory Group (PAG) meeting was conducted on October 26, 2017 at the PCU office in Baku. All the PAG members of the Kura II project representing stakeholders of the project took part at the meeting. 

    Mr. Rashad Allahverdiyev - National Focal Point (NFP) of the UNDP GEF Kura II project at the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan which is project beneficiary had opening speech welcoming everyone and gave the floor to the Chief Technical Adviser and Project Regional Coordinator Dr. Mary Matthews. Dr. Matthews informed participants about the purpose and agenda of the 2nd PAG meeting in Azerbaijan. 

     Senior Capacity Building Expert Mr. Ahmad Abou Elseoud made presentations with updates on the progress made within the project activities since the first PAG meeting in Azerbaijan on July of this year. He told briefly about meetings and field visits in Georgia and Azerbaijan, presenting the details of topics discussed as well as training on Environmental Flow conducted in Tbilisi for Georgian experts a week before this PAG meeting. 

      Head of the Science, Design, Construction and Foreign Relations department of the Amelioration and Water Economy JSC Dr. Mammad Asadov joined to the PAG meeting contributing with his presentation about the projects implemented by the company represented by him. Dr. Asadov’s presentation attracted participants’ great attention causing number of questions and led to lively discussions.   

     After lunch members of PAG members had an opportunity to know international experts involved to the Kura II project. Kura II Senior Capacity Building Expert Mr. Elseoud made presentation briefing participants about international experts’ professional background and results of initial missions to both countries that some of the experts completed. 

     There was also presented work plan to PAG members for upcoming months including series of trainings due to be launched within the IWRM Academy on November as well as topics for Agenda of the First Regional PAG meeting planned to be held in Baku on January 2018.   

     It was also discussed possibility of involvement of representatives from Turkey to some project activities with NFP Mr. Allahverdiyev’s proposal as there was included water issues to the bilateral agreement between Azerbaijan and Turkey drafted by the ministries of foreign relations of two countries. 

The Stage 3 of Water Economics Training in Azerbaijan and Georgia is successfully conducted

        The third block of trainings on Water Economics had been completed in Azerbaijan and Georgia during the week of April 23 - 27.  ...