Friday, October 20, 2017

Environmental flow training in Tbilisi is successfully completed

    The training on Environmental Flow within the UNDP GEF Kura II project had been conducted in Tbilisi for the representatives of various stakeholders of the project from Georgia on October 19 – 20, 2017.

     Main target audience was consisted of specialists involved in monitoring of flow, top national hydrologists, ground water specialists, members of civil society organizations, advanced university students as well as staff of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) department of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia.

The training was conducted and facilitated by the Senior Capacity Building Expert of the Kura II project Mr. Ahmad Abou Elseoud. The trainer gave sessions about environmental flow methodologies and applications starting from basic hydrological methods up to advanced holistic approaches applied in international best practices.

      Participants of the training were satisfied with the content and topics of the sessions and considered valuable new practices applied in the world. The obtained knowledge will be very beneficial for using in their practical work in the future.

     The series of training on this topic is going to be conducted at the UNDP GEF Kura II IWRM Training Center in Baku next month for the similar target group from Azerbaijan.

     Persons interested in participation can contact Kura II Project Communications Officer Amin Mammadov for additional information through following contacts:


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Field trip was conducted to Aragvi basin in Georgia

       The field trip was conducted to the Aragvi river basin in Georgia on October 6, 2017 to investigate the potential sites for environmental flow and river restoration.   

       The CTA of the Kura II project Dr. Mary Matthews, Capacity Building expert Mr. Ahmed Abou Elseoud, Georgian National Coordinator Ms. Tamuna Gugushvili took part in the field trip together with the Georgian river ecology and restoration expert Mrs. Eliso Barnovi, representative from GWP company and representative from the Dusheti municipality.

        The team investigated both the white Aragvi river and the black Aragvi river, as well as the Jinvali reservoir conditions with the aim to examine whether there is any existing pollution threat from the cattle manure from the villages near the river.

     Participants of the field visit also visited the newly installed hydrometeorology station on the upstream of the Jinvali dam. This station was installed by the G4G USAID project to conduct online measurements of water levels on the reservoir. 

           The team also visited the old hydrometeorology station on the black Aragvi river which only has a mounted scale to measure water levels. The station is not in good condition and needs rehabilitation.

            The results of the field trip will be taken into account in conducting demonstration projects in Georgia within the UNDP GEF Kura II.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kura II team conducted field trip to western and north western part of Azerbaijan

    The UNDP – GEF Kura II Project Team conducted field trip to Shamkirchay and Alijanchay rivers in Azerbaijan with the aim to examine suitability of sub-basins of proposed rivers for implementation of new proposed methodology for the assessment of environmental flow in these rivers. The Working Group on Environmental Flow for Azerbaijan was established on September 8, 2017 during the workshop at PCU office in Baku and discussed appropriate methodology for calculation of environmental flow for the country. Senior Capacity Building Expert Mr. Ahmed Abou Elseoud and National Coordinator of the Kura II project Mr. Elchin Mammadov took part in the field trip together with the local consultants – Senior IWRM Expert, Senior Hydrologist and Ecological Database Expert.

  The main objective of the field mission was to investigate and conduct visual survey of two sub-basins - Shamkirchay and Alijanchay, meet with relevant stakeholders in these basins with the aim to get hydrological and environmental information required, as well as data on land use and water users within the basins and assessment of possibilities to apply new environmental flow methodology for each basin.  
    The field trip mission met with Regional Hydrometeorological branch of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in Ganja which is in charge of hydrometeorological monitoring in western part of Azerbaijan.  

   The project team also visited Shamkirchay Water Reservoir in Shamkir rayon in northwestern part of the country with water storage capacity of 164 mln. m3The main function of the reservoir is to provide water supply for irrigation of agricultural lands in the region. Mission continued the trip with the visit to the basin of the River Alijanchay in north – western part of the country. 

     Alijanchay is flowing through the territories of Sheki and Oguz districts of Azerbaijan falling to Kura river. Amelioration and Water Economy JSC has plan to build water reservoir in the basin of this river in the future. 

    The mission had been completed visiting basin of Alijanchay river, contacting local community and evaluating location where construction of reservoir is planned.  

The Stage 3 of Water Economics Training in Azerbaijan and Georgia is successfully conducted

        The third block of trainings on Water Economics had been completed in Azerbaijan and Georgia during the week of April 23 - 27.  ...