Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Kura II team had Regional Consultation Meeting on Water Resources Management Indicators in Tbilisi

     The UNDP – GEF Kura II Project Team held Regional Consultation Meeting on Water Resources Management Indicators in Tbilisi on September 19, 2017. 

    Representatives of key stakeholders from both Azerbaijan and Georgia attended the meeting with presentations covering various topics related to water resources management indicators. 

      The Senior Capacity Building Expert of the project Ahmed Abou Elseoud started with the presentation on Information and Transboundary Cooperation – Challenges and Responses after CTA Dr. Mary Matthews' opening remarks. Following to this first presentation Mr. Elseoud also had a presentation on overview of the Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) project. Open discussions were conducted after these two presentations with participants of both countries. 

     The next presentations were conducted by the acting Senior Water Quality Expert from Azerbaijan Ms. Turkan Karimzade and her counterpart from Georgia Ms. Marina Arabidze on proposals for water quality indicators on behalf of their countries. Kura II Senior IWRM expert from Azerbaijan Mr. Anar Nuriyev and Senior Hydrology Expert Mr. Irakli Megrelidze conducted presentations on water quantity shared indicators after the open discussions on quality indicators. 

     The meeting conclusion was dedicated to discussions on water quality and quantity indicators facilitated by Mr. Elseoud. The anticipated next steps, including schedule and topics of future meetings and activities had been planned too.   

     The list of indicators, harmonized sampling methodologies and future steps will be shared with Governmental National Focal Points for discussion.

      The intention for these shared indicators is to produce an annual “State of the Kura River Report” to be shared with Azerbaijan and Georgia.   

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Environmental Flow meeting for Azerbaijan full of live and fruitful discussions

     The UNDP – GEF Kura II team organised an advisory meeting for Environmental Flow Methodology on September 8, 2017 at the IWRM Training Center in Baku. Environmental Flows calculated to determine the amount of water that must remain in the river at different seasons so that the river ecosystem will survive while supporting sustainable development needs of the country.

    The meeting full of presentations and interesting discussions about methodologies for calculating environmental flows provided a unique opportunity for the experts and representatives of stakeholders to share their ideas and concerns to meet the many the needs for water in Azerbaijan. 

      Local experts Anar Nuriyev and Rafig Verdiyev, as well as Senior Capacity Development Expert of the project Ahmed Abou Elseoud presented methodologies after the UNDP – GEF Kura II National Focal Point Rashad Allahverdiyev’s opening speech.

     CTA and Regional Project Coordinator Dr. Matthews also emphasized on her speech the importance of discussions and agreement among all the stakeholders on Environmental Flow Methodology. She expressed her belief that the project will contribute to consensus building on this issue important for all water managing sectors in both project beneficiary countries. 

       Experts actively involved in discussions had shared their views and opinions regarding the differences, advantages and disadvantages of the presented methodologies. All participants expressed their preparedness to contribute to the process, as well as to cooperate  with their colleagues in Georgia. 

     The potential sites were selected as a result of the workshop to test the methodology. Experts  decided on the Shamkirchay river in western part of the country according to the availability of data as well as the level of human and economic impact to the river.

      Launching the Working Group on Environmental Flow Methodology composed of the experts was another valuable outcome of the meeting promising regular follow up of the topic periodically. The next meeting of this group will be in November 2017.

      The next meeting within the UNDP – GEF Kura II project will  be held this week on September 14, 2017 dedicated to River Restoration for improving the ecology of the Kura River. 

The Stage 3 of Water Economics Training in Azerbaijan and Georgia is successfully conducted

        The third block of trainings on Water Economics had been completed in Azerbaijan and Georgia during the week of April 23 - 27.  ...