Monday, July 24, 2017

Kura II project held Project Advisory Group (PAG) meetings

The UNDP – GEF Kura II project had Project Advisory Group (PAG) meetings in Georgia and Azerbaijan on July 14 and July 20 correspondingly.

Both of the meetings, first in Tbilisi and second in Baku had been very interesting and productive with involvement of all stakeholders having live discussions and fruitful results.
Representatives of corresponding state bodies, civil society and academia had an opportunity to become familiar with presentations and updates about project activities and also have a floor for discussing current project related issues with their colleagues.
There had been presented results of survey conducted in both countries on Capacity Building training needs by the Senior Capacity Building Expert for representatives of stakeholder organizations with comparative analyses for two beneficiary countries of the project.
Besides, stakeholders had become updated on recent developments within the project since the project Inception Workshop took place on April of this year. They were discussing their further involvement in project activities in mid and long term perspective having chance to provide their proposals and opinion on further activities, including places for demonstrative projects, Public Private Partnership, agriculture, tourism, as well as schedules for the events by the end of this year and first quarter of 2018. 

The next PAG meetings are planned to be conducted in early fall of 2017.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Kura II PCU staff members attended the National workshop on raising awareness and building capacity on interlinkages of environment and health in the context of the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

     The Communications officer Amin Mammadov and National Coordinator for Azerbaijan of the Kura II project Elchin Mammadov attended the 2 days National workshop on raising awareness and building capacity on interlinkages of environment and health in the context of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) held in Baku on July 11-13, 2017.

      The deputy minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, representatives of UNEP and its European office, representative of the Ministry of Healthcare and civil society addressed opening speech of the event on the first day of the workshop on July 11.

    There had been conducted several presentations during the 2 days workshops by some of participants including the member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan Mr. Kamran Nabizade who is a deputy head of Committee of the Parliament on Environment, Energy and Natural resources.


    Representatives of stakeholders from various government bodies, civil society and academia took part in live discussions on various topics related to Sustainable Development Goals, Environment and Health etc.    

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kura II project team attended Stakeholder Meeting in Tbilisi

   Stakeholder Meeting on Environmental Flow Methodology was held on 11 July 2017 in the office of USAID G4G (Governing for Growth) in Tbilisi. The aim of the meeting was to present and discuss the opportunity to follow up on the previous activities implemented in the framework of USAID G4G project “Refining Environmental Flow Methodology and Preparatory Work for Environmental Testing Work Plan". Specifically, Kura II project aims at simplifying the complex methodology suggested by USAID G4G project to ensure its staged application, which would enable starting activities with relatively limited data, while full application of the methodology will be ensured after accumulation of the sufficient data and expertise. 

  The Chief Technical Advisor and Project Regional Coordinator Dr. Mary Matthews and Kura II Senior Capacity Building Expert Mr. Ahmed Abou Elseoud attended the meeting together with Tamuna Gugushvili, the Project National Coordinator for Georgia.   

Monday, July 3, 2017

New National Focal Point for Azerbaijan joins the UNDP GEF Kura II Project

         A new National Focal Point for Azerbaijan has been appointed to the UNDP GEF Kura II project by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan which is the main beneficiary of the project in the country. The Project Team welcomes Mr. Rashad Allahverdiyev, Head of Sector at the International Cooperation Division of the Ministry.

         Mr. Rashad Allahverdiyev oversees international agreements for the Ministry and is National Focal Point for the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance. He frequently attends GEF meetings with, or on behalf of, Minister Bagirov. He speaks English fluently. He received his Bachelor degree in International Economic Relations and his MBA from Azerbaijan State Economic University. He has attended Environment Protection Trainings in Japan provided by JICA and courses on Environmental Technologies by KOICA in South Korea. The Project Team is eager to continue to build strong relationships with him, and is looking forward to his enthusiastic involvement in the project

           UNDP GEF greatly appreciates the years of support, guidance, and wisdom from our former National Focal Point Mr. Mutallim Abdulhasanov.

The Stage 3 of Water Economics Training in Azerbaijan and Georgia is successfully conducted

        The third block of trainings on Water Economics had been completed in Azerbaijan and Georgia during the week of April 23 - 27.  ...